Supplies List

Supply List:

Class Supply List:

  • Clicker
  • Treat Pouch
  • 4-6 ft nylon leash
  • Long training leash 15-30 ft
  • Collar &/or harness
  • Mat, crate pad, blanket or towel
  • Tug toy
  • 3-5 different kinds of treats (bring more treats than you think you will need)
  • 3 ring binder, training notes, training log & pen

What Not to Bring to Class:

  • Retractable leash
  • Choke collar
  • Prong collar
  • Shock, vibration or e-collar
  • Citronella collar
  • Bungee leash*

*Bungee leashes are great when out running with a dog or hiking, they are not great in a group class environment or when trying to work on loose leash walking

The supplies listed as what not to bring will not be permitted at all if you are attending an in-person class. If you are attending the class online only, it is still not recommended to use the items listed in the "what not to bring to class" category because they will either be difficult to train some of the skills using those items or they may be counter-productive to some of the skills we are trying to teach. Some of the activities may also not be as effective using those items, so it is still strongly recommended not to use those items.

Product Links:

If you need to get supplies, here are some links to help you see what the items are as well as give you some ideas for things to purchase. Full disclosure, these are affiliate links through You do NOT have to purchase these items if you do not wish. Some of the categories will have different options for the same type of product so you have different options and price points. A lot of these products you may be able to find at your local pet supply store. Again, these are to help give you ideas. If you click the link and want to purchase that product, you are purchasing through


Treat Pouches:

Long Line Leashes:

This is a type of leash used for helping to teach recall and can also be used while you are out providing decompression or sniffari walks if your dog cannot be trusted off-leash yet.

Collars, Harnesses and Head Halters:

I won't link any regular collars on here because you likely already have a collar for your dog or if you are like me, you have 2-3 collars for every single day and every single occasion for your dog. Yes, Etsy can get you sucked into buying way too many adorable collars. The only collar I will have listed will be called a martingale collar. This type of collar is best for a dog that may slip out of its collar. A dog will not be able to slip out of a properly fitted martingale collar. Some dogs have a head and neck shape that can allow them to slip collars so I want you to be able to see what may be another option to help prevent that issue.

Harnesses are excellent for walking dogs and alleviate the pressure from their neck. If you have a dog that pulls quite a bit and loose leash walking is a big struggle for you, I have listed lots of front-clip training harnesses.

If you have a dog that is a nightmare to walk either because it is unsafe for you and the dog has pulled you over, the dog lunges at other people, dogs, cars, or animals, or you have tried a front-clip harness before and feel the only way you can possibly walk your dog is with a tool such as a prong, choke or shock collar, then instead I would recommend a head halter. Head halters work in the same way you would guide a horse giving you the ability to control the head of the dog rather than the neck. It does require some training and conditioning so if you think you need or would like to try a head halter, some options are listed below and in the loose leash walking section when class begins there will be a lesson on conditioning a head halter.

Mat, Crate Pad, Blanket, Towel or Cot:

This is something that will be used for the dog's "go to place" behavior. I would definitely recommend having something that is big enough for your dog to fit on as much as possible and that will be easy for you to transport. For small to medium sized dogs, a bath mat is great because of the non-slip bottom and it is easy to transport and clean. If you want to use a blanket or a towel, that is fine too. I have listed some crate pads which can be used as well or a cot if you want something slightly raised off the ground.

Tug Toys:


Below is a list of some of the treats that I like to use with my dogs. Just like with us, some dogs have a preference for what types of treats they like, which they love, and which they don't really care for. Also, when you are deciding what treats to use, you can also use their dog food. You could also use other food such as chicken, steak, turkey, frozen baby food, cheese, or cheese puffs.

Enrichment Products:

In the enrichment lecture, there will be a large variety of options listed to provide enrichment for your dog as well as examples of how to use them. If there are ideas you want to use that utilize a specific product, below are some links to the items mentioned. Again, these are optional and you do not have to purchase all of these items.

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